Sleeping under the stars in Volman's villa


Book your place for an incredible experience at Volman's Villa. Sleeping under the stars can also be a beautiful gift for your loved ones.

Volman's Villa  offers you the possibility of one beautiful experience or gift in the picturesque surroundings of the villa and that is sleeping under the stars.

The villa offers you two limited dates:

The experience includes:
  • Welcome drink
  • Guided tour of the Volman Villa
  • Tasting dinner (Chef Oliver Pape)
  • Ambient concert (DJ and musician Pierre Urban)
  • Accommodation, a night on a cloud in the Czech brand Lejaan duvets
  • Yoga lesson by Daniela Bacíková (Yoga Movement Prague)
  • Brunch (chef Oliver Pape)
  • Drinks throughout the event
Price: 7 000 CZK

Guides for this experience will be:

Chef Oliver Pape, who will offer a spectacular gourmet experience. You will be treated to a multi-course degustation combining street food and fine dining. We will be cooking on the fire right in front of you and serving throughout the evening. In the morning, a plate full of interesting and healthy ingredients will be prepared for breakfast.

Pierre Urban, DJ and musician, who will add music to the whole program. With his ambient dj/live set, he will accompany you at sunset to a peaceful sleep under the stars.

Daniela Bacíková will guide you through a morning lesson of sound healing yoga. Healing sounds together with yoga take care of the nervous system.
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