Chlum Educational Trail

The Chlum Educational Trail is 7.5 km long. It aims to highlight the unique attractions of the Chlum Nature Park. This is a European Site of Community Importance, ranking among the most interesting archaeological areas in the Mladá Boleslav Region.

The latest archaeological finds, mainly gold and silver treasures, will be presented here exclusively for the first time. There are 10 information panels for visitors, divided into scientific and archaeological sections. In addition, a QR code, allowing interested persons to be transferred into virtual space, forms part of each panel. Extra information, photographs and images related to the relevant topic will also be available. The educational trail is complemented by 8 interactive elements for children and a panoramic view of the Mladá Boleslav Region's landmarks. The trail is suitable for young and old, school groups and especially families with children. In addition to play elements, there are worksheets available for pupils and elementary school teachers, with fun information about the most interesting natural and prehistoric phenomena of this area.

The worksheets are prepared for pupils of all ages. Children will find a wide range of activities related to the information panels, thanks to which they can better explore the natural beauties of Chlum. Recommended equipment: A4-sized clipboard, pencil, crayons, bag for collection of natural items for older children, adhesive tape and tape measure, plant atlas and binoculars for interested children. The worksheets are available at the Information Centres in Mladá Boleslav and Dobrovice, in the garden of the Children's and Youth Home, and in Na Statku (On the Farm) hotel and restaurant in Nepřevázka. They are also available for download from the Basic Organization of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation's website: http/