Few families with children have not been to Loučeň. They are drawn here by the romantic chateau grounds, which architect František Maxmilián Kaňka provided with a Baroque appearance at the beginning of the 18th century. The English-style chateau park has been gradually transformed into a unique Labyrintharium, where children in particular will have great fun for hours on end. There are twelve garden labyrinths and mazes in total, along one winding path with plenty of detours. Each labyrinth is different in style - one made of bushes, another of stones, or sandstone, palisades or slabs. The mazes and labyrinths are joined by a nature trail with plenty of information about the historic roots and modern-day of this type of entertainment. There are also a few small buildings to be seen in the park, such as the timber-framed House of Duke Alexander and the orangery, as well as many rare species of trees, including the tulip tree.

If you come on a hot summer’s day, you might like to head from the train station in Všejany along the road to the right, to the little open-air pool there, to refresh yourself. Otherwise, the red trail goes straight down the path, and then through the forest for some time. You will follow the cycle path for a while, from there turning off to the left and reaching Jívový Pond a few metres on. A hotel and restaurant stand on the dam there. The trail, meanwhile, continues on through the forest to Loučeň. You are sure to spend a lot of time on the chateau grounds, and if you are interested in history, you can take a tour of the aristocratic residence. This will introduce you to the world of the Thurn-Taxis family that lived in the chateau more than one-hundred years ago, your guide being a living member of this noble line.

Head to the north from the small town, following the markings of the Loučeň nature trail. This passes through a former game reserve, predominantly on sandy paths through the forest. The first place at which you will arrive is the Loučeň Hunting Lodge. The dukes of Thurn-Taxis used to have a stud farm and stables for their racing horses here and it was only later that this romantic building was used for the management of the area. Join the red trail again and after a while you will pass a memorial to fallen soldiers from the end of the 18th century in the shape of a helmet on a column. Not far on from this you will come across a life-size monument to the former owner of the Loučeň demesne, Duke Fürstenberg. The red markings run straight through the forest and the game reserve, where Bedřich Smetana used to enjoy walking, and directly to Jabkenice. It was here that the famous composer spent the last years of his life, in a hunting lodge, composing and completing a number of significant pieces here, such as the operas The Kiss and the Secret, as well as the My Homeland cycle. Now you can pay a visit to a monument dedicated to the maestro. Smetana’s study and the family lounge, partly with original furniture, are the main attractions of the exhibition.