Magic of the Vltava

The river conjures and the Vltava, the most famous of Czech rivers, especially. The massive surface of Orlík shines in blue like a bright eye, steep cliffs rise above the river, which the massive dam passes on, and when you look at the bend at Solenice - Vltava Horseshoe, your breath stops.

We will start with views right behind the village of Kovářov. Here on the Other World stands a lookout tower from which you can overlook the romantic Vltava region for the first time.

When you get the line up, you pass the dam of Orlík, ascend to the horseshoe view, lead you to the ruin as from a fairy tale. Here stood the castle of Czech kings Vrškamýk, today it is only ruins, but around the blooming new wooden town with playground and what other than the lookout tower.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the magic of the Vltava River with all the sips.

The route starts in Kovářov

Kovářov - along the cycle path 1154 south-west in the direction of Slavonov - Slavonov - at the crossroads of cycle paths turn off on the cycling route 7 (Vltavska) - Zebrak - after the village on the road right to Zahořany, Onen Svět - at a road junction. spite. We leave the church from the cycling route and go straight on the road and the green direction Planá - Planá - continue straight on unmarked. on the road, behind the village turn right on cycle route 7 (Vltavská) –Milešov - in the village on cycle route 111 west direction dam Orlík - Camp Popelíky - at the crossroads before dam Orlík we descend from cycle route and continue on paved road right - bridge over Vltava traffic along the road - Solenice –Větrov - in the village turn right on the green (difficult locally difficult section, only for mountain bikes), just before Zduchovice at the crossroads of several roads, where the green turns left among the trees, we turn right until we come across orange arrow sign "Altánek", leave the bicycles and walk on the path to the lookout and back - back to the green - Zduchovice - in the village continue on the road straight north and continue right on road 118 direction Kamýk nad Vltavou (before the village and back) - Kamýk nad Vltavou - in the village we join the cycling route 8195 to the south, behind the bridge to the right on the cycling route 7 (Vltavská) - Krásná Hora nad Vltavou - in the village on the cycle route 8141– Krašovice –– Jalovčí - then along the cycle route 8140– Předbořice - in the village we leave the cycle path and continue along the road south direction Březí - Březí - in the village left by road direction Kovářov