With Krčín behind the devils by the edge of stones

Big boulders in a beautiful landscape - the largest pillar in the Czech Republic Hus\\\\\\\\\'s pulpit and mysterious caves - all this is hidden in the Petrovice area.

First of all, we can see the whole region from the outlook towers The Other World and Kuníček, in order to realize how beautiful the corner of our homeland was chosen by the famous fishponder Jakub Krčín for his home.

Whether you are heading towards Skoupý, Bratřejov and Bratříkovice, or if you choose the opposite route through Kojetín and Porešín, take the most time to stop Obděnice. Krčín and his family moved here from Křepenice. He built another splendid mansion here (water was led to it from the neighboring town of Ohrada by means of a wooden pipe), but also a brewery, sheepfold, mill and a number of ponds.

One of them even bears the name World. He chose the dominant building of Obděnice - the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary - as the place of his last rest. Inside is Krčín's legendary tombstone without the date of death, but his body is not stored here, reportedly ended up in hell. So at least it is told in Sedlčany region ...

The route starts in Petrovice. These are two smaller circuits.

Petrovice - after cycling 8140 - Krchov - Zahrádka- Předbořice - Jalovčí (turn left after cycling 8140 to the lookout tower on the Other World) - otherwise right on cycle 8142 - Krašovice - right on cycle 8141 - Mikův Mlýn - Kuní - Kuníček - walking ascent to the lookout tower and back - Petrovice - left to the north on cycle route 8143 direction Skoupý - Skoupý - Bratřejov - at the crossroads before Nechvalice we turn south on cycle route 8139 direction Bratříkovice - Bratříkovice - Radesice - Obděnice - Porešín - Kojetín - Petrovice


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