The Golden Trail of Bohemian Paradise

The entire route of the Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise is marked with red symbols. It passes through the entire region of Bohemian Paradise and therefore, it can be hiked for several days. We have prepared a one-week hiking trip along the Golden Path. Individual sections can be combined or hiked separately. You can combine them with day trips (loops) that can be found under the Day Trips in the Golden Path section. You can start hiking in any direction. Our description starts in Mladá Boleslav.

Day 1 – MLADÁ BOLESLAV – Michalovice – Josefův Důl – Bakov nad Jizerou – Klokočka – Hradiště nad Jizerou Monastery – MNICHOVO HRADIŠTĚ (25 km)

Start your journey in Mladá Boleslav. The city boasts interesting architecture and a number of museums and religious sites. The main tourist attraction is the ŠKODA MUSEUM.

On the right-hand side of the Jizera River, you can visit the Michalovice Castle Ruins and then continue to the village of Debř, where we will cross to the left bank of the Jizera. Take the red marked trail via Josefův Důl to Bakov nad Jizerou. You will see the Zvířetice Castle Ruins on the other side of the river. From Bakov nad Jizerou, the hike passes along the Rečkov National Nature Monument.

Continue via Klokočka, where you can find Saint Stapin Chapel. You can visit the remains of the Cistercian Hradiště nad Jizerou Monastery (today a brewery). After fewer than 3 km, you will reach the town of Mnichovo Hradiště, where you should definitely visit the local chateau. Near the chateau is St. Ann Chapel, where Albecht von Wallenstein is buried.

Next time Day 2 - from Mnichovo Hradiště to Libošovice (Kost castle)!

In the summer season, (from June on) you can also travel by cycling buses; the bus schedule is available at