Duo Camp

Duo Camp offers accommodation in town Branžež, in region Bohemian Paradise.

Accommodation in camp Duo camp Branžež is provided in several variants. Suitable accommodation so you can choose according to your requirements in:

23 wooden cabins with three beds:

The cottages are spaced wooden benches for breakfast in the morning, after a trip or sitting with friends.

Lighting is provided by cottages el. regulations safe 24 volt incandescent lamp.

Cottages are close to toilets and restaurants.

Are available showers with hot water on chips (20 CZK) with "stop" button.

In cabins Smoking is not allowed.

 Beds are arranged as a bunk bed and 1 single bed.

A cabin with four beds:

 4x blanket, pillow 4x (uncovered, according to rent bed linen price list ).

 1 table, 4 chairs, small cabinet, coat hanger.

 El. refrigerator.

 El. lighting.

 El. the double socket 230V/10A (2kW) with odpočtovými hours (to bring your own power. = appliances stay after you pay electric. odpočtových energy according to hours).

 Bucket, broom and shovel to clean.

 Before the cottage with table benches for outdoor seating.

10 caravans:

 Each caravan has a number of beds blankets and pillows (uncovered).

 Gas cooker + gas bomb.

 El. lighting and 230V outlet in the kitchen trailer.


 Basic utensils (for small cooking).

The number of plates (all), cutlery, spoon, spoons, cups, plates, chopping board, spoon, ladle, knife.

 Bucket, broom and shovel to clean.

 Before each is a wooden bench with a table and a roof (except trailer no.1)

 Deductions meter, the price per kWh based on the current price list CEZ

Providing a fenced areas for camping or caravan

Address: Branžež - Nová Ves, 294 02
GSM:+420 604 287 501
Water sports
Beach volleyball
Table tennis
Boat hire

Campsite facilities

Campsite facilities
Children’s playground
Camp fire
Drinking water
Hot water
Drain for chemical WC

Chalet facilities

Chalet facilities


Capacity – cottages: 72
Types of cottage: three-bed
Total number of cottages: 24
Number of three-bed cottages: 24
Facilities: grill, fireplace, sporting equipment rental, animals accepted