To Mladá Boleslav

Come wander in the area around Mladá Boleslav. The landscape is welcoming and full of interesting places. The following trip suggestion will guide you through this area.

Start in Mladá Boleslav. In this city of cars, tourists especially look for the Škoda Museum that offers a unique collection of Laurin & Klement and ŠKODA cars. The permanent exhibition introduces visitors to the history of the local Škoda car factory, one of the oldest brands in the world. Exhibits also include a 1905 Voiturette, the first car made in Mladá Boleslav.

Mladá Boleslav is also a medieval centre with a majestic castle set atop a sandstone promontory with a typical double tower, one the Mladá Boleslav’s symbols. The castle houses a museum with a great museum gaming room, Muzeion, which you will not find anywhere else. The interactive elements of this gaming room will be presented to you by a chubby woodworm, which you also will not see anywhere else.

Mystic accompanying music will certainly and quickly evoke a medieval atmosphere that you will find in the old Templ palace right next to the garden. Be sure not to miss this interesting site and you will not regret it.

Metoděj’s Vlach Aviatic Museum recently opened in Mladá Boleslav. The museum is interesting both for adults and children. It covers the beginnings of aviation and includes about 25 replicas and original period planes.

In the neighbouring village of Kosmonosy, you can see one of the most beautiful Lorettas in Europe. It is an architectonic gem of Kosmonosy and is also well-known outside the Czech Republic. It was built in the early 18th century under an initiative by Jakub Heřman Černín of Chudenice by the Italian architect Giovanni B. Alliprandi on the site of the original parish St. Martin Church, which was destroyed during the Hussite wars.