Through the Mladá Boleslav Area

The Mladá Boleslav area is a region where some of the exceptional tourist attractions are found as pairs. This also applies to the inclined towers. One of them is found near the Loretta in Kosmonosy and the other, where the water level shows a substantial misbalance, is located three kilometres further in Michalovice.

The tower of the local castle ruins is really massive. Unlike the tower of Kosmonosy, it was not built on an angle; this happened over time. The legend goes that this was caused by treasure hunters who were digging under the tower so much that they disrupted the foundations. The truth is somewhat more prosaic. The old Gothic castle was not jeopardized by the pickaxes of lowly diggers, but explosives used to blast away the rock under the castle to make room for railway. However, the castle survived this human intervention and despite leaning, the tower is in good condition and serves as a lookout tower. You will like it here just like the most famous visitor to the castle, Czech poet Karel Hynek Mácha.

When Mácha reached Michalovice on foot, he did not miss the other castle ruins that he loved so much, nearby Zvířetice. These vast castle ruins near the town of Bakov nad Jizerou, which owns the castle, has recently appeared in many TV fairy tales.

This was a small taste of the places you can visit in the Mladá Boleslav region. Tie your shoes tightly and set out on a journey.