The Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise - day 1.

Route: MLADÁ BOLESLAV – Michalovice – Josefův Důl – Bakov nad Jizerou – Klokočka – Klášter Hradiště nad Jizerou – MNICHOVO HRADIŠTĚ (25 km)

Difficulty: An easy section without difficult climbing


Start hiking in Mladá Boleslav, a town that features many tourist attractions. If we wanted to visit them all, we would need more than one day. Obviously, the main tourist attraction where cars have been made for over one hundred years is the ŠKODA MUSEUM. The town also boasts modern architecture (inter-war constructivist structures by the renowned architect Jiří Kroha) and numerous museums and religious structures.

Be sure to visit the Michalovice Castle ruins on the left bank of the Jizera River and then continue to Debeř where you will cross to the left bank of the Jizera. Hike through the Josefův Důl Valley along the red trail to Bakov nad Jizerou. On the opposite river bank you will see the Zvířetice castle ruins that used lie on the historic Golden Path. Today, there is a paved road (also suitable for cycling).

Continue along the Jizera River on the left bank all the way to Bakov nad Jizerou. From there, the path passes through the Rečkov nature monument with precious wetlands and animal species. Continue via Klokočka, where the Chapel of St. Stapin was built over the spring. You can also make a stop in Klášter Hradiště nad Jizerou (a restaurant) with the remains of a Cistercian monastery. In the 15th century, the monastery was rebuilt into a chateau and since the 19th century, it has been a brewery (you can take a tour of the brewery).

In less than 3 km you will get to Mnichovo Hradiště (a restaurant, accommodation, an information centre, a museum, and a chateau, etc.). Be sure to visit the Mnichovo Hradiště State Chateau with period interiors. In the vast park you can find horse stables, a riding hall, a salla terena and the Chapel of St. Ann where Albrecht von Wallenstein´s remains are buried. Here you will also see a lapidurium with Baroque sculptures.