To the Riegrova stezka (trail)

Do you like nature walks and want to learn a lot of interesting facts on your way? Let us invite you to one of the most beautiful places in our region – let us invite you to the Riegrova stezka (trail).

An original nature trail of the Jizera Valley State Nature Reservation features 15 stops dedicated to the preservation of the environment, fauna, flora, geology, tourism and objects of technical interest located in the valley. The information panels located along its course provide visitors with basic information about the reservation's natural wealth and history and offer texts in Czech and English accompanied by illustrations and photographs.

The trail also winds past several lookouts offering breathtaking views of the Jizera River and its valley. But one the most attractive places of this trail is a 77-metre suspension gallery hovering 5.5 m above the original level of the river.

The Riegrova stezka (trail) ends in Podspálov, where you can visit new hydroelectric power plant or have a rest at the hotel restaurant. Afterwards, you may decide where your next steps will lead you - to the town of Železný Brod, the centre of glass-making, to Bozkov where you can visit the unique Bozkovské dolomitové jeskyně (dolomite caves), by the Palackého stezka trail to the Návarov castle ruins or back to Semily through the Kamenického stezka (trail)...


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